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Get your 3d picture out of jail


Convergence Gallery for More Bad Convergence Examples             

When A REAR PROJECTION TV has colored outlines or a 3D image the Convergence Circuits most likely need attention.

The convergence output amplifiers may burn out from a "bump" in the 120VAC  power caused by lightning or large motors, etc drawing loads.  The bump causes the High Voltage on the picture tubes (there are 3 in your rear projection TV) to rise or jump a small amount, from 28kv to 28.5kv.  A small arc occurs for an instant between the picture tube HV connector and the yoke around the neck of the picture tube or the ground frame.

One small arc causes little damage.  Over a number of years the accumulation of many "arcs" finally causes the output amplifiers for the convergence circuit to fail.  This is the part of the tv that controls lining up of the red blue and green pictures.

Replacing the  output amplifiers (located within the Convergence IC's)  allows the pictures to line up correctly, and eliminate the color outlines. Click here for a fun look at inside of a STK 392 110 series convergence IC.

Convergence Failure is the most common fault in all makes of rear projection TVs.

Total cost is  $257 for an In-Home convergence repair. Book Online

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